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Dear visitor,

we thank you for your interest in our ensemble and hope to make you even more curious on the following pages!

We founded the artos|ensemble|wien as an association of like-minded in the pursuit of musical and artistic fulfillment. Our idealism is our driving force, the composition-related humility our maxim - a path that is very exciting and valuable for us.

Therefore, it’s our greatest concern to share the result of our ambitious aspirations with other art enthusiasts and music lovers. The design of our programs promises moving, dynamic, forceful and often rarely proffered listening experiences under the cloak of highest artistic standards. Our ensemble members are internationally renowned musicians, exceptional experienced and passionate. We are winner of numerous competitions, are engaged in renowned orchestras such as the Zurich Opera Orchestra or the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, teaching successfully or pursue a highly acclaimed solo career. We all share the love for music and – inherent in art – the striving for greater things, which we want to be heard and experienced in our concerts. Our main objective is to spin a thematic thread through our programs with musical variability, lively passion and composition-related humility, which should stimulate and move the listener, thrilling or reflecting.

The compilation of each program bases on the thematic reference, its core picks up facets of the respective works, contrasts them, spinning them together or thwarting them and thus provides a deeper level of listening experience.

In order to create room for our thematic program design we have detached ourselves from solid cast structures: from duo to decet, pure string ensembles or with woodwind quintet and piano, the cast-wise variability enables a completely subordinate flexibility to the thematic reference and offers the audience varied and exciting formations.

The close cooperation with the contemporary composer Andreas Baksa allows us to realize our own ideas and completes our pursuit for never heard, forcefully moving listening impressions.

We hope we can inspire you for our ensemble and our ideals and wish you pleasant browsing through our members section!